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barlatier, haiti scholarship

Why Does it Exist

The Mount of Olives (MOO)- All About Fitness (AAF) & Partners' Scholarship was started to bridge the educational gaps in Haiti. Members of the Global AAF Family traveled to Haiti in December 2018 and witnessed firsthand that most of the children did not attend school. Understanding the benefits and the opportunities education provides, MOO and AAF Partners came together to provide a way for kids from Barlatier, Haiti to attend school (kindergarten through high school with exceptions made for college)

How it works  

AAF launched the scholarship on June 1, 2019 sending up to 50 students to school during the 2019-2020 school year. Every year, AAF will work with partners to replenish the scholarship fund with a minimum of $7,000 NLT May 1st. AAF will collect all donations, issue tax receipts and transfer monies to MOO NLT June 1st.  MOO will select eligible children for the scholarship, select the schools,  ensure tuition is paid, monitor the progress of the children in the program and report progress of the children through social media updates in  coordination with AAF.


The town of Barlatier has a population of over 500 personnel, and school age children make up 80% of the population.  However, due to the corruption, lack of government oversight and funding, schools in Haiti are predominately private. Therefore, Haitian parents must pay for schooling.  Currently, the Corona virus numbers are low in Haiti and school is reopening for this year.

School Tuition

Tuition is typically $100-150 USD* annually for one child to attend school, which equates to less than $1/day and approx. $10/month. However, rural Haitians make $2/day on average and have to budget for food, housing and supplies, in addition to school on this very limited budget. This budget does not include   clothing, government taxes, medical expenses or multiple children's tuition expenses.

scholarship process

2021 MOOCI Scholarship

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